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Maintain and Protect Your Website from Hack, Spam and Malware.

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It’s a MUST to do Maintenance

Creating a business online is the norm for most individuals. It’s the trend most business owners want to follow and master. However, most business owners are unaware that the information they provide online is legally released to the public. The most commonly release information is the contact and domain registration information that is provided to hosting and domain name provider. This information is usually copied and abused by spammers and hackers who use specially designed programs (bots, spiders, malware) to find a vulnerability in websites or applications. Most attacks are unnoticeable on the front end, therefore every site must be maintained on a regular basis to avoid vulnerable hacks.

A properly structured maintenance routine can protect your website from hackers and spammers.  Along with improvements to your web performance with up to date compatibility with search engines that can directly boost your SEO ranking. Our team at Einno Media can work with you to help protect your site from hacks, malware, and spammers. We have the software and strategies that can improve web performance, improved server response time, provide updates for compatibility, database backup for an emergency, e-commerce secure transactions, constant web monitoring and must more. A monthly technical maintenance is a MUST, especially for e-commerce businesses that collect sensitive information on their customers. We are here to work as an extension of your business to help provide virtual attacks.

“We are here to work as an extension of

your business to help provide virtual attacks.


Protection Against DDoS & BRUTE Force Attack

Our team work hard to keep up-to-date with severe hacks and spam attack such as DDoS and Brute Force that could completely shut down your entire site. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans that keeps your website safe and secure from unauthorized access & hacks. 


WordPress and WooCommerce Maintenance

WordPress is an open source content management system that is used by nearly 67% of websites online. WordPress is constantly updating and require someone to ensure the updates do not interfere with the sites performances. WordPress releases its security and regular updates to fix vulnerabilities in the CMS. Any mismatch with the third party plugins and WordPress version can lead to problems like broken links and website shutdown. Our team is specialized in the WordPress platform and can provide the skills need to maintain the environment.

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